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Dr. Jason Kolber is a committed Husband, Father, Doctor, Author, Lecturer, and Mentor. He is the founder of a profound nervous system enhancement system that radically increases athletic performance, impacts recovery time, decreases likelihood of injury, increases muscle firing capacity, amplifies mental clarity, and increases athletes’ ability to adapt to and cope with stress and anxiety which includes deeper and more restful sleep.

Dr. Jason is the athletic performance specialist for numerous pro and amateur athletes and teams, and has been referenced and published more than any other doctor is his field in regards to athletic performance. He is a frequent speaker, instructor, and advisor on the management and care of athletes and has contributed to the standards of practice on athletic performance research and review within the neuro-scientific community. He has been published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research regarding enhancing performance of baseball players, and has also been published and awarded the highest marks in the World Congress of Science and Golf.

What Clients Say

I have watched Dr. J rise up in the game. Dr. J cares and gives his all and helps me be at my best! I trust him and you should too!

Dustin Pedroia
4x MLB All-Star, AL MVP, 2X World Series Champ, and Future Hall of Famer

The question was whether Dr. Jason’s chiropractic skills could influence psychological and performance of collegiate golfers. Sixteen ASU men and women golfers participated in 2 studies, 12 weeks each, experiencing Dr. Jason’s skills and comparing it with other known treatments. Results showed that self-esteem and golf self-efficacy improved. We published the 2 studies in 2008. While Dr. Jason’s professional skills are tested and true, his personal skills are even more exceptional. We have always called it “magic buttons”. He has a gift of knowing and sensing how to help people. Every one of my family members has had treatment with Dr. Jason, from the 3 year old to the 73 year old. Technique is one part of the equation and the energy behind the technique is even more important. Dr. Jason has the energy to heal. Thank You Dr. Jason!!!

Dr. Debbie Crews
Sport Psychology Consultant for the Arizona State University

Dr Jason is so passionate about helping others be their best. Dr J worked with our team for several years at ASU which coincided to be some of the best performances from our athletes. His gentle touches are a game changer to calm your nervous system and emotions. Besides being my favorite chiropractor he is one of my all time favorite people!

Coach Melissa Luellen
Women's Golf Coach, Auburn

Dr. Jason is the power behind human performance. He masterfully creates connections, empowers you to take action, and reveals insights that will change the trajectory of your life. If you are ready to harness your greatest human potential to fulfill your life's purpose, he is your coach!

Natalie Williams , ESQ
Chief of Staff, Paul Quinn University

Care, connection and communication: Dr. Jason is a rare healer who brings the goods to the (adjusting) table! His approach has brought health and ease to my body and mind, and moved me toward the ever-elusive goal of enlightenment. He is fully present during each session and it’s clear he is tuned in to what’s going on with me and what I need. If you have the opportunity to work with this gifted chiropractor and coach, go for it and enjoy the transformation!

Dr. Heidi Skye
Founder, Skye Family Chiropractic

I was introduced to Dr. Kolber through the head women's golf coach at Arizona State University. It was her desire to have her team treated by Dr. Kolber with the goal being injury prevention, rapid recovery from training and play, and optimum range of motion to improve on-course performance. The results for our athletics has been tremendous. To say that they value this treatment highly would be an understatement. In fact we have expanded his involvement to our men's golf and women's tennis teams as well. I have no doubt that Dr. Kolber has aided these athletes in their quest to become champions. My personal experience under his care has been remarkable. If you added my years of experience as athletics professional, you would know I am much nearer retirement age than rookie of the year. I suffered from chronic neck pain, which manifested itself with knotted muscles in my upper back, nerve pain in my arms, and restricted range of motion. Continued treatment by Dr. Kolber has relieved me of these symptoms, and I am drug free. My life has improved tremendously.

Dr. Donald Bocchi
Sr. Associate Athletics Director, Arizona State University

Dr. J is ahead of his time in the human performance space. He’s an out of the box thinker and has the athletes trust, attention and first person feedback. Dr. J is not only innovative, he truly cares and operates from a platform of raw and true purpose! I am better in my own work space because of him!

Danielle Martin
Elite Level Life Coach

Dr. Jason Kolber--aka Dr. J, or Superman--is a true health care warrior. But that doesn't begin to tell Jason's story, or define the level of his care for and commitment to his patients. Jason treats the person, not the symptom and not just the place "where it hurts." His whole-person approach to care builds on his strong foundation in the connection and interdependence of the body's systems, especially as they relate to the spine. Jason applies his knowledge skillfully through gentle yet highly effective manipulation that produce amazing results. I have watched Jason's star rise over the years as his skill and performance successes have lead him to care for--and measurably improve performance of--all manner of patients, from office workers to some of the world's most elite professional athletes. Jason complements his physical care with excellent recommendations for self-care, including nutrition, stress management. Jason is also a life coach and applies his positive energy and deep concern for the welfare of others to his practice. Put simply, if you are broken, there's a very good chance Jason can help you.

Shannon Clark

Dr. J has done many things to help heal and maintain the health for me and for many of our Professional Athletes over the last 15 years. I have seen Doc work and collaborate with some of the most chronic and complex athlete injuries in the world. Not only have these athletes returned healthy, but in most cases He has been able to rehab and put those athletes on track to maintain their careers without further damage to their well beings. His health product line is now the next generation to being the best we can be. Without Dr. J in my life and as our Exclusive Personal Health Advisor, many of my clients and friends would not have achieved their performance successes they have. Thank You Dr. Jason Kolber for being our Friend and our Professional Health Advisor.

Steve Loy
SPORTFIVE Sports Agency-President

Jason Kolber, affectionately known as Dr. J, has had a profound positive influence on my life and the life of my student-athletes. When in Dr. J’s company you are immediately filled with joy and a sense of a peaceful calm. His gentle care stills the mind and body. Jason’s positive outlook on life and living resonates in everyone he comes in contact with. I always leave Jason’s care with a smile on my face and feeling like a million bucks!!! Thanks for being you Dr. J

Coach Sheila McInerney
Arizona State University Women's Tennis, Head Coach

Dr J is masterful in restoring the body, providing mental clarity and a peaceful sense of well-being. His commitment and personal interest in every person he cares for is unmatched. I can confidently say that my quality of life is enhanced under his professional care. I am grateful for his kindness, genuine love for life, and passion for excellence.

Coach Meg Sanders
Arizona State University Women's Basketball, Asst. Coach

I am the kind of person that let's someone into my life that has a SINCERE, truthful and altruistic passion for what they do and it coincides with a personal need of mine. Dr Jason and his staff are exactly that! With my family and the team of college and Elite guys I work with, our health is consistently on the front line. And working with Jason, I know there is no one "behind the curtain". He has always been there to help us in both the emergency times and in simply keeping us all healthy. But probably the best quality about Jason is not his superb knowledge of health and human performance, but more importantly... he CARES!

Coach Scott Barclay
Arizona State University Men's Gymnastics, Head Coach

I have seen countless chiropractors and healers of all kinds over the years(when you have chronic issues and are told at age 18 that you'll "be dead by 35 or wish you were dead", you tend to try anything and everything that MIGHT offer some relief from pain and/or elimination of chronic symptoms). I only wish that I lived closer to Jason all these years because he has a real gift, a real special touch. After my visits with J, I always come away feeling recharged and renewed, like someone decided to "plug my battery back in". I have met countless high quality friends and associates through Jason. I can automatically take it for granted that anyone J introduces me to will be a person of character and, most likely, a lifelong friend. When my nephew started pitching and managed to get himself a Division 1 scholarship to pitch in college, I took him straight to Jason to "get the kinks worked out". Since that time, Jason has provided some truly helpful contacts for my nephew as well. I really can't say enough great things about Jason. My words do no justice to the man, the friend, and the caregiver that he is.

Charlie May

I have had the pleasure of working side by side with "Doc Jay" for a few years and I have yet to find someone as impressive as he is with his clinical work and practice. He is ahead of the curve in so many ways. I want to share my perspective in regards to his knowledge and skill set because it is beyond impressive, but he may be one of the most honest, thoughtful and kind people I have ever come in contact with which as I grow older and wiser means more than anything we can quantify.

Connor Ryan PT, DPT, CSCS, PRC
Physical Therapist & Trainer, Arizona Coyotes

Dr J has helped me recover quickly from many situations throughout my career. No matter what condition healthy or not I always leave him feeling way better Physically and Mentally.

Hunter Pence
S.F. Giants, 4x MLB All-Star & 2x World Series Champ

Jason Kolber has had a major impact on our program as well as myself and my family. He is masterful at helping all of us have a relaxed body, calm mind, and joyful spirit. Whether it’s his phenomenal energy and healing hands or his powerful positive influence to teach and connect, Dr J is constantly serving all of us in new and amazing ways. I am so grateful for him in my life.

Coach Charli Turner Thorne
ASU Women's Basketball, Head Coach


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